Function Literal

A first-class object. Pass it around.

hooray for menstrual cycle technology

Let’s take a second to cheer for menstrual cycle technology!

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nodeschool sf recap

We had the inaugural event for the San Francisco chapter of NodeSchool this past Saturday. While NodeSchool events have been held in SF before, this event marked the first formal establishment of an SF-based chapter. As with any event where one teaches others, I ended up learning a lot as well. I was especially impressed with the self-organization of the event and its associated website, the initiative of both seasoned and beginning contributors, and the overall opportunities for involvement with the whole event.

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gather the singletons

(Editor’s note: This post was actually published Monday, June 30th, 2014, but now I don’t want to change the url. Herp derp Jekyll.)

It’s been two and a half years since I moved to San Francisco, and going to the Google SF office is no big deal anymore.

That was a funny realization – it used to be such a big deal. But I walked in to a meetup last week feeling like I belonged there. And I did. I’ve visited the Google SF offices a few times; I’ve been to bunches of meetups at this point; I’ve been a professional front end engineer for nearly four years; I can hold my own in a conversation; I have no problem helping myself to free snacks and wine.

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claiming the pavement

In California, bicyclists are legally allowed to take an entire lane to themselves. This is to ensure that a cyclist can always move out of danger if necessary; can take safe left turns with the flow of traffic; can move like a vehicle (albeit a slow-moving one).

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