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24 Nov 2013

This past weekend, I went offline from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon for some mental space. Here is what I missed while I was disconnected:

Things I Missed

  • easy distractions while riding Muni or waiting
  • the instant gratification of reading new tweets/emails/instagrams/&c.

Things I Didn't Miss

  • constant notification assaulting my attention
  • the latest Twitter drama du jour
  • looking up a random fact RIGHT THIS SECOND
  • not having any time to read

After a huge sprint at work, the internet was feeling more and more like an empty reward; I was depending on it too much for some sort of emotional connection and support. It was good to realize this and step away. I think I'll be reducing the number of notifications I receive on my phone and computer, which felt like the healthiest part of the break.

Instead of sinking time into mindless clicking, I read books, worked on a couple projects, had lunch with my aunt, and sat zazen twice. I even worked through some of a code book (learning the ins and outs of Marionette for work) and was kept on track by the empty pie slice symbol of the disconnected Wifi in my taskbar.

And, in the end, I don't think I missed a whole lot. Though I am dying to get back on meatspace. Right after I finish this book.